About Us

Peace Centers was created in April 2015 from a passion to help our communities thrive and to create peace. This included creating beautiful learning spaces for children and supporting families in a variety of ways. The founders, James and Angie, have been teaching for over 20 years and are dedicated to helping people reach their highest potential and live in peace.

The Peace Store is a new endeavor that allows our community to sign up for classes, buy high quality items and rent beneficial products including educational materials, tools, video equipment, instruments, sporting goods and much more. Renting products instead of purchasing them can help decrease expenses, provides access to more of a  variety of resources, limits storage needs and helps the planet by reducing the production of items. 

In the future we will also provide tutorials for many of our products, workshops and training videos for teachers and parents and sell conscious products. Be on the lookout for these exciting new offerings!

Staff Bios:

Peace Centers was founded by two Montessori childcare industry veterans, Angie Burrell and James Bauckman. Angie has a teaching degree in Early Childhood Education, AMI Montessori training in infant and toddler education and a Master’s in Education. She has over 20 years experience teaching and managing in many schools in Seattle, WA. Angie is an Instructor and field consultant for The Montessori Education Institute of the Pacific Northwest and a STARS trainer for the Department of Early Learning. Angie's partner is James Bauckman who also has a Montessori and administration background. Previous to Peace Centers, James was the Secondary Program Director for Woodinville Montessori School. He worked to help develop the Montessori middle and high school programs, which are very rare in the world. He also was the Center Director for Kindercare in Bellingham where he grew the enrollment in three months from 33 students, when he took the job, to 80 students when James learned that the center was planned to close down. James has his Masters in Education with a concentration in Educational Administration and is the co-founder of Pioneer Meadows Montessori school in Ferndale, WA. James has worked at Montessori schools around the globe to understand what best practices exist in Montessori education so that he can build a world class educational experience for families that is based on experience and research.

James, Angie and Dr. Jane Goodall

Baily Burrell

I grew up teaching in Montessori classrooms and have been working with children of all ages for many years. I have been learning about child development my whole life and have had multiple nannying jobs caring for kids for 5 months to 10 years of age. I love helping babies and children grow and learn, since everything is so new to them! It is so amazing to watch them discover the world. Other things I enjoy include art, American Sign Language, playing instruments, and hanging out with my three cats!

Bailey Burrel