About Us

Peace Centers is a nonprofit organization started in 2015 in Bellingham, WA, fka Montessori Peace Centers, by James Bauckman and Angelique Burrell. For 6 years MPC provided high-quality, affordable Montessori and Nature education for young children regardless of income. Currently we are focusing on providing workshops and coaching for parents, professional development for teachers, and consulting and licensing support for school administration. We also provide opportunities for the community to come together and find a deeper meaning to life through various gatherings of creative expression. And are always looking for ways to connect those who do not have their basic needs to resources. Please visit our website at:  Peacecenters.org

Our Peace Store, that you are currently visiting, is our lending library where you can rent tools, music gear, video gear, and educational materials in efforts to save people money and reduce our impact on the earth. In the future we will also provide tutorials for many of our products and sell conscious products. This is also the location to purchase classes and events. Be on the lookout for these exciting new offerings! 


Angelique Burrell

Angelique Burrell

Executive Director/Program Manager/Lead Teacher

Human development and the evolution of society has always been a passion of mine. I earned an undergraduate teaching degree in Early Childhood Education, a Masters Degree in Education, and an AMI Montessori Certification. I am an advanced STARS trainer, and have completed trainings in Ayurveda, children’s yoga and mindfulness. I also have many years experience with nature immersion and Kundalini yoga. I am a mother of two grown amazing children, three sweet fluffball kitties, and have been teaching children, parents and teachers for over 20 years. 

I have spent the last couple years practicing deep inner work which has brought me to an incredible place of awareness, connection and peace. My dharma is to share teaching and parenting tools that will help bring about a generation that can thrive, find joy and live in peace and harmony. This work starts with adults connecting to the highest expressions of ourselves so we are able to guide the children. Lets work together and interrupt our patterns, break the cycles, and reprioritize! Everything we need is inside of us, we just need to tap into it. 

I love to be in the flow dancing and connecting deeply to music, cooking nutritious and delicious food, practicing yoga and meditation, communing with nature while hiking and biking, studying spirituality and neuroscience, and making connections with all you beautiful souls out there in Whatcom county and beyond!


James Bauckman 

President of the Board

James, Angie and Dr. Jane Goodall

James Bauckman who also has a Montessori and administration background. Previous to Peace Centers, James was the Secondary Program Director for Woodinville Montessori School. He worked to help develop the Montessori middle and high school programs, which are very rare in the world. He also was the Center Director for Kindercare in Bellingham where he grew the enrollment in three months from 33 students, when he took the job, to 80 students when James learned that the center was planned to close down. James has his Masters in Education with a concentration in Educational Administration and is the co-founder of Pioneer Meadows Montessori school in Ferndale, WA. James has worked at Montessori schools around the globe to understand what best practices exist in Montessori education so that he can build a world class educational experience for families that is based on experience and research.


Baily Burrell

Assistant Teacher / Volunteer

Bailey Burrel

Baily BurrelI grew up teaching in Montessori classrooms and have been working with children of all ages for many years. I have been learning about child development my whole life and have had multiple nannying jobs caring for kids for 5 months to 10 years of age. I love helping babies and children grow and learn, since everything is so new to them! It is so amazing to watch them discover the world. Other things I enjoy include art, American Sign Language, playing instruments, and hanging out with my three cats!