Soldering Iron Kit

Soldering Iron Kit

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Includes everything you need to solder. Makes this the ideal for a beginner as a starter kit or as perfect travel companion for a repair tech.

  • Establish a beginner workstation for basic soldering projects with this 20W soldering iron, swappable tips and cleaning materials.
  • UL listed -- UL has tested representative samples of this product and determined that it meets UL's requirements.

This kit contains over 10 pieces, including:

  • 20W miniature soldering iron with ergonomic cool-comfort grip.
  • Rosin-core solder (60% tin, 40% lead).
  • Cone, chisel and fine-point tips.
  • Desoldering vacuum pump.
  • 2.5mm desoldering braid.
  • Heavy-duty soldering iron holder and cleaner.
  • 2 cleaning sponges.

Replacement Tip Set (Catalog No. 6400300)